An array of features purpose-built for clubs just like yours

Our valuable army of grassroots clubs have assisted us over the years to assemble a rich set of features that help people in all corners of the club.

  • Intake Management

    Player onboarding doesn’t need to be the most stressful time of the year. Whatever process you have to register players, this set of tools will manage them through the process from first contact to the point of registration.

    • Supports multi-stage workflow progression across Expressions of Interest, Trials, Registrations.
    • Track player cohorts across whole intake process.
    • Generate professional, personalised letters of offer for successful trialists.
    • Start invoicing and taking deposits on a timeline that suits your club.
    • Seamless flow into the generation of an invoice at the point of registration.
    • Preserve team structures during entire workflow.
  • Event Management

    Majestri is the system to use for every single event you run during the club year. Set up any event in minutes - from trials and registrations through to summer comps, coaching clinics, presentation nights and pub crawls.

    • A consistent setup experience means that after you’ve set up your first event, you can set up any event.
    • We can build you a custom fee calculator for any event at no extra charge. No rules are too complex (even sliding-scale discounting or date-based prorating).
    • We can build a custom registration form to ensure you are capturing the information that matters for players and/or parents at no extra charge. Custom dropdown lists ensure precise reporting on the back end.
    • Open the gates for registration whenever you like.
  • Registrations

    The more intelligence you can gather about your players and parents, the more likely it is that you can position your club as the first choice for local families looking to sign up for extra-curricular activities. Capture absolutely everything you need to know about members of all ages in every interaction they have with the club.

    • The Majestri online registration process is the easiest and most consistent your members will have ever come across.
    • Usernames and passwords to register are roadblocks of the past. The system’s unique ‘invite’ functionality has the smarts to know real-time which user is starting the registration process.
    • Powerful reporting tools in the back end allows you to slice-and-dice the registration data you’ve captured.
    • Perform time-saving bulk action operations on a set of registrations such as financial adjustments, chasing up money or sending an email.
  • Player Management

    Striking a balance between offering pathways for junior talent and facilitating the social and exercise benefits for the more non-competitive can be extremely challenging. Our tools for managing players are absolutely vital at grading time, when you need all the information you can gather to put players in their most sensible playing groups.

    • Allocate players to teams using information collected at registration as a filter.
    • Perform action on groups of players at a time such as secondary invoices, reporting or email communications.
    • A highly-customisable player assessment package allows you to track player improvement over time. This is a great option for clubs who have a mandatory assessment requirement for elite competition compliance (such as NPL/SAP) and can be extended to implement any curriculum adopted by club technical direction.
  • Team Allocations

    Achieve maximum efficiency before the start of the season by getting teams sorted right on the back end of trials or grading. The sooner you can allocate players, coaches and managers to their team structures, the sooner they can assume control of their own operations.

    • Create teams for any event and allocate all players in minutes with our efficient team building functionality.
    • Install coaches and managers which gives them an elevated level of access to take over week-to-week team operational duties. This really takes a load off the committee.
    • Each team automatically has their own Team Dugout (private to team members and officials) and Team Page (public content and match reports).
    • Team-based email and SMS communication come built in.
    • The Dugout allows officials to schedule upcoming activities (fixtures, training, social) and solicit attendance numbers from players/parents.
  • Team Scheduling

    Each team needs their own dedicated calendar that they can control. With Majestri team scheduling, club officials can know exactly what’s coming up and also what happened in the past.

    • A unified calendar that is available to all players and parents on the team.
    • Schedule all team activities (upcoming fixtures, training, social events, etc.)
    • Built-in RSVP invite system so you can know attendance numbers in advance.
    • Attendance register for retrospective reporting and tracking.
    • Full support for COVID-19 tracking compliance.
  • Communications

    Getting messages out to the right sections of the club is one of the biggest challenges facing clubs today. Our sophisticated tools give committee members the ability to send either broadcast or targeted emails and SMS messages at any time of the year.

    • Club email addresses are shared or used temporarily by people, so set up a central register and “lease” them to committee members while they are in office.
    • Sophisticated communication tools allow you to construct the appropriate target audience for a message from your entire member base.
    • Create your own permanent communication groups for email/SMS purposes.
    • All messages sent from your Majestri site are logged and stored for viewing by administrators.
    • Our detailed notification infrastructure allows Majestri to be constantly telling the committee about actions as they occur.
  • Content Management

    There really is nothing worse than being restricted from publishing club-related content freely to the world outside. Your content will always be fresh and clean when you have a set of tools so easy to use that your Mum could use them.

    • Your very own club website will be prepared by us with your club logo and colours front and centre.
    • Web page content and the navigation system are completely under club control.
    • Upload important documents into our secure Document Vault.
    • Create photo albums from images taken at matches for display on your site.
    • Display field status updates on your site as they change.
  • Volunteer Management

    Within every member base there is an army of helpers willing to give their time to help in the running of the club. Make it easy for them to do so by letting them roster themselves on for the tasks they’re wanting to do.

    • Know at the point of registration who your members are that are willing to commit their time to help the running of the club.
    • Create a roster of all the upcoming tasks of all different types that are necessary for club function.
    • Allow your dedicated volunteers to enlist themselves into tasks.
    • If volunteer time is tied to rewards/rebate programs, track their total contribution across a season to verify eligibility.
  • Online Shop

    Your committee’s dream of having a year-round online shop selling to members and supporters can be a reality. Even now, you are only a few image uploads away from providing a custom shopping experience to people where they can buy their skirts, skorts, shorts and hoodies, and anything else you can think of selling.

    • Super simple process for creating products, whether taking photos or using supplier images.
    • Increase online shop sales by optionally incorporating it into your registration process for any event you run.
    • Track orders on the back end so you can easily aggregate products into a purchase order for your supplier.
    • Archiving allows the filtering out of historical orders.
    • Bulk-change order status functionality is way better than going through one-by-one.
  • Xero Integration

    Our system is designed to take on a lot of the debtor management duties that no longer need to be duplicated in your accounting system. Why not take even more of the human element out of the bank reconciliation by letting us create your revenue transactions directly in Xero from inside Majestri?

    • Majestri is a proud Xero application partner.
    • Our comprehensive Debtors Ledger functionality helps you reduce the noise in the accounting system.
    • Create revenue transactions directly in Xero from Majestri to match against deposits that hit the club bank account, regardless of payment method used by the member.
    • Supports the reversal of revenue when members are issued refunds.
    • We remember previously-used account numbers and contacts to make posting to Xero a breeze.
  • Invoicing

    The documents that ask for member payments should really look the part in presenting your club as a professional organisation. Take advantage of our gorgeous set of club-themed financial documents that lay out with absolute clarity each member’s financial obligations.

    • Majestri issues a comprehensive club-branded invoice at the point of registration complete with any off-line payment methods the club chooses to allow.
    • Members can access any historical invoices via the self-service portal of Majestri.
    • Secondary invoices can be generated by administrators and attached to registrations if circumstances change.
  • Member Payments

    There is absolutely no doubt that chasing payments from members is the biggest job the committee has during the year. When you combine our sophisticated notification tools with the flexibility of payment methods we support, you have a match made in heaven.

    • Offer your members a flexible set of payment methods with either Majestri handling the reconciliation (credit/debit card, BPay, Payment Plans) or the money going directly to the club.
    • Report directly on payment method popularity.
    • Receipts and statements issued directly to the member’s mailbox at the point of receipt.
  • Payment Plans

    As fees get more expensive, members are crying out for more flexible payment arrangements, something that normally just increases your workload. Because Majestri’s own Payment Plan offering is completely integrated into our financial system, it’s the only possible solution on the market that guarantees to make life easier rather than harder.

    • Offer members pay-by-instalment arrangements where Majestri takes on all sign-up, direct-debiting and money allocation duties.
    • Control maximum amounts and time-frames of all member plans.
    • Allow members to match debit frequency to their preferred pay cycle - weekly, fortnightly, calendar-monthly.
    • Central register with full history of all Plans.
  • Debtor Management

    As you’re reading this now, do you know everybody that owes your club money, how much they owe, and what it was for? Majestri has the memory of an elephant, as every outstanding invoice is tracked from the time it was raised until it’s either paid or cancelled.

    • See all outstanding debts for all members at a glance.
    • For the treasurer, dehumanise the awkward chase-up process by utilising the powerful bulk chase-up tools.
    • Debtor aging reports.
  • Financials

    Our background is building financial management systems for some of Australia’s largest companies. Part of our charter was to leverage off that acquired knowledge to put the types of tools and reporting used by finance departments in the hands of club treasurers.

    • Synchronise the reporting to your club’s financial period.
    • Adjustments to existing registrations or orders are trivial with our comprehensive tools.
    • Complete set of revenue reports facilitates posting of aggregate revenue to Xero, or any other accounting system.
  • Equipment Register

    Knowing where each piece of club equipment is located is a must for committees who don’t want to be constantly replacing assets. Now you can register each item, notate who is borrowing it, and ensure its safe return at season end.

    • A club-wide register for each piece of purchased equipment.
    • Items can be assigned to team officials so you know who’s got what.
    • Prominent signposting notifies teams and individuals of items in their possession.
    • Full history of lending and returning for each piece of equipment until it is deprecated/replaced.
  • Media Library

    If the COVID-19 outbreak has taught us anything, it’s that value can still be delivered to members in a totally online capacity, in good times and bad. Virtual training is fast becoming an essential piece of every club’s offering.

    • Curate videos from popular sharing platform channels.
    • Apply your own sensible navigation for members across the full set of club videos.
    • Link directly to the club media library from your website.

What our club officials are saying

The team at Majestri have worked closely with Brothers JRLFC to successfully move member data, registrations and member payments to the Majestri system. Their support has been great. We’re confident that our communication improved as a result of using Majestri.
Executive Committee, Brothers JRLFC

You get more than just the best club software

Our one-of-a-kind system will make running your club a breeze, but there is more to Majestri.

  • Silver Service

    Our system is a market leader but our support is even better. We understand that the majority of our users are volunteers, so we make sure we’re giving responsive assistance all around the clock so that you don’t have any roadblocks to getting the job done.

  • Tight Feedback Loop

    The reason our software is so popular with clubs is that we built it with the direct assistance of many clubs. If you’ve got a problem or a feature request, you get to talk directly to the developers of the system - there is nobody in between you and us.

  • Years of Experience

    We have a tonne of experience building high-end software systems. Our development processes have been refined over many years, which means that you get to enjoy enhancements to the system with extreme regularity all year round with no more to pay.

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