Season: From Round 1 until Grand Final Day

This is the time when every part of the club needs to run like clockwork. With Majestri acting as your very own ‘Misson Control’, you’ll be able to oversee all club operations and use our targeted communication channels to keep everybody on the same page. In the world we offer, teams are in control of their own fixture and training schedules, and volunteer tasks are being rostered and completed by your members.

Using Majestri during the Season

  • Enjoy the system’s extremely powerful communication tools that lets you isolate teams and other groups that you define within the club for either broadcast or targeted messages.

  • Preload your entire season of fixtures so you’re prepared well in advance of each matchday at the clubhouse.

  • Mobilise your army of loyal volunteers by aggregating all tasks, such as canteen and grounds duty, onto a central roster where people can enlist themselves to fill spots.

  • Make teams more self-sufficient by empowering coaches and managers via their Team Dugout to control the scheduling of training and fixtures for their teams.

  • Keep the operations side of the club engaged with the system by performing both mandatory and optional player assessments. Captured data feeds right back into a player’s full history.

  • Keep juniors active over school holiday breaks by running coaching clinics and holiday camps.

  • Engage with your neighbouring clubs by running a mid-season carnival through the system.

  • Take the stress out of wet weather scenarios by sending targeted SMS messages directly to parents and team officials as information comes to hand.

  • Showcase how enjoyable club life is for players by uploading action shots to photo albums on the club website.

  • Features galore

    There’s something in Majestri for everyone who’s a part of club operations. Check out the full set of features which actually grow noticeably through the season as we release enhancements and improvements thick and fast.

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  • Majestri Showcase

    It’s pretty rare for companies to actually show too much of their product, but here’s a chance to see an incredibly realistic slideshow demonstration of the system through the eyes of Majestri United FC, a fictitious football club who use all parts of our system to improve their operations.

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  • Questions?

    When you’re making a decision as a committee you need all the information you can to know you’ve made the right one. We’ve talked with hundreds of clubs and have documented the most common questions we get asked - the ones you’ll more than likely want the answers to.

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  • Who is Majestri?

    Clubs need service providers they can trust, so take the opportunity to find out more about Majestri - our background and motivation, and our overarching vision for the system. See the good company you’d be in by viewing our master list of community organisations right across Australia who have already streamlined their processes across the board.

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Discover how Majestri can help your club all year round

You get more than just the best club software

Our one-of-a-kind system will make running your club a breeze, but there is more to Majestri.

  • Silver Service

    Our system is a market leader but our support is even better. We understand that the majority of our users are volunteers, so we make sure we’re giving responsive assistance all around the clock so that you don’t have any roadblocks to getting the job done.

  • Tight Feedback Loop

    The reason our software is so popular with clubs is that we built it with the direct assistance of many clubs. If you’ve got a problem or a feature request, you get to talk directly to the developers of the system - there is nobody in between you and us.

  • Years of Experience

    We have a tonne of experience building high-end software systems. Our development processes have been refined over many years, which means that you get to enjoy enhancements to the system with extreme regularity all year round with no more to pay.

Want to see Majestri in action?

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