Welcome to the Majestri Showcase

  1. Welcome

    Welcome to the Majestri showcase!

    We have created a fictitious football club, Majestri United FC, that will be used to give you a clear and incredibly realistic idea of what life would be like for you as a volunteer administrator if you adopted Majestri to automate back-office club operations.

  2. Welcome

    Inside this showcase, there is something for every member of the Executive Committee, so feel free to share the link around.

    It's definitely worth seeing every slide but feel free to use the navigation to jump to the areas that you care about the most.

  3. Welcome

    Majestri gives you a club website as part of the solution. It's up to you whether to make it your public-facing site or make it a members-only area behind your existing site.

  4. Administration

    Our Control Room helps club administrators keep their finger on the pulse by giving that 30,000-foot view of everything that's happening during the year.

  5. Administration

    The Administration tab contains everything you need to control who at the club can do what in the system.

  6. Committees

    Our security system is a natural fit for clubs whereby you can build your own committee which represents your set of administrators for the year. Just like a real committee, it has a life-span that you can set up to end at the time of the next AGM.

  7. Committees

    When you add somebody to the committee, you get fine-grained control over what parts of the system they can access.

  8. Committees

    Majestri's in-built email communication tools allows the committee to send messages to each other. Pick and choose who you want to get the message.

  9. Email Communications

    Set up your club email addresses in the system and assign them to people. This will let them ensure they receive replies from people to their club account rather than personal one.

  10. Email Communications

    The system logs all outbound messages so you can see who is sending what.

  11. Email Communications

    Keep a central register so you can stop emailing people who no longer want to receive communications from the club.

  12. Email Communications

    Something's always happening in the system. Set up email addresses to receive notifications when certain events take place.

  13. Content

    The Content tab contains everything you need to control the website, documents and images.

  14. Documents

    The Document Vault ensure important club documents will never be lost again. They are stored and backed-up permanently, always available to committee members as they come and go.

  15. Documents

    Each document in the Document Vault can be restricted to committee members only, or made public for distribution to members via the website or email.

  16. Web Pages

    Editing web pages is probably the most simple thing to do in Majestri. When in 'Edit' mode we break all existing content up into their discrete sections.

  17. Web Pages

    Embedding images into content is simple. Pick from any image already used somewhere on the site, or if it's a new one, simply upload it.

  18. Web Pages

    We give you a bit of freedom over how the image is displayed but not enough so that it won't look right.

  19. Web Pages

    Our content editor has been custom-built to be used by non-technical people, and we don't get a lot of support requests about it.

  20. Web Pages

    Forget about that one person being a bottleneck on the committee because they're the only ones who can update the website. We've built this solution from the ground up so anybody on the committee with sufficient privileges can do it.

  21. Web Pages

    Save your content section, turn off edit mode, and "Voila!!", the site is updated and live to all visitors.

  22. Sponsors

    Give your valuable club sponsors the screen real estate they deserve. Majestri sites don't have corporate sponsors - all that real estate is for community businesses.

  23. Sponsors

    Giving a sponsor visibility on the site is as simple as uploading their logo and filling in their details.

  24. Calendar

    Log all important events in your club calendar so everybody can see what's coming up.

  25. Calendar

    Adding new events to the calendar takes less than a minute.

  26. Site Menu

    Be in total control of your site's navigation system by building your own site menu with one level of drop-down.

  27. Site Menu

    Items on the site menu can link to all different kinds of things, whether internal Majestri functions or external addresses.

  28. Fields

    Keep people off your playing fields by publishing their accessibility status on the site.

  29. Fields

    Every field belonging to the club can be added along with the playing status and any information you need to share.

  30. Online Shop Setup

    The Online Shop tab is where you go to create products and manage orders.

  31. Online Shop Setup

    All club merchandise can sold directly to members when they're created in the shop.

  32. Online Shop Setup

    Adding a product is as easy taking a photo of stock against a white background, uploading the image, and filling in the details. Varying sizes can easily be catered for using a comma-separated list - there'll be a separate quantity available to shoppers for each size.

  33. Event Setup

    The top tab in the Control Room is reserved for a club's main playing season. This is where most of the action happens.

  34. Event Setup

    An event in Majestri is something you set up where you want members to register and potentially pay for something. All club events over the course of a year can be run through Majestri, not just the main playing season.

  35. Event Setup

    Setting up an event in Majestri is exactly the same experience no matter what type of event it is.

  36. Event Setup

    You have plenty of control over your event, including registration windows, Payment Plan settings and funnelling people through to do association registrations if required.

  37. Event Setup

    Set up your own terms and conditions for members to agree to at the time of registration. Each T&C manifests as a checkbox that must be checked and we also record dates, times, IP addresses and browser usage to help you resolve any potential disputes.

  38. Registration and Fee Customisation

    Our expertise is custom software development, so let us build you a custom fee calculator for your event for no extra cost. Just send us your calculation rules and we'll give you the ability to input amounts.

  39. Registration and Fee Customisation

    You'll have all the information about players and parents at your fingertips if you give us instruction for your very own custom registration form. There's no extra cost for us to build this and we do it for any event you want to run.

  40. Opening Events

    Once you're ready to open up the event, we'll package it up into a content section with the click of a button.

  41. Opening Events

    Details about your event and a big green button are posted front-and-centre on your web site. This is a great way to get new people involved with the club.

  42. Opening Events

    When your event's ready to start taking registrations, send an invite to anybody who has ever registered for one of your events on Majestri. This will ensure you always stay in contact with people past and present to keep numbers nice and high.

  43. Event Registration

    People who receive an email invite from you get a nice clear email and a big blue button to click on if they want to register.

  44. Event Registration

    Returning members get taken straight to the start of their registration process - no usernames, no passwords, no roadblocks, no support!

  45. Event Registration

    Majestri registrations model the family structure, which is a natural fit for clubs that are made up of families. Two adults on every registration ensure you've always got somebody to contact if necessary.

  46. Event Registration

    All players are added on the one family registration so your members don't need to enter the same personal details multiple times. They simply add everyone in the family who's going to be playing.

  47. Event Registration

    Dealing with split families becomes easier when you can set extra email addresses to receive club emails. This communication channel is one-way only and access to the system can't be gained via this mechanism.

  48. Event Registration

    After the registration's done, members get taken to their shop where they can pick up all their kit and anything else you want to sell them.

  49. Event Registration

    They can add in whatever they want to their cart, specifying both sizes and quantities.

  50. Event Registration

    Once the registration is done and shopping is complete, the checkout gives members a complete breakdown on the entire process. The fee calculator we built you kicks in to prepare their invoice and this is also where your terms must be accepted. Members get given the final bill and a set of payment options that you've specified to be available.

  51. Payment Plan Application

    Our Payment Plan offering saves the committee so much time, effort and administrative pain. As a club, you can offer your members the ability to pay off their registration by instalment and Majestri will direct-debit their bank account and update their record. This is the application screen where they can make an application within terms that you've defined as a committee.

  52. Payment Plan Application

    Once the member has submitted their application for a Payment Plan to the committee, they can immediately pay off any residual amount owing by card or off the invoice.

  53. Credit Card Payment

    Our credit card processing facility is secure and easy-to-use.

  54. Credit Card Payment

    After successful payment, the system will give instructions for players to be registered in any mandated association system, as well as display on-screen their financial documents (as well as emailing them).

  55. Event Management

    The Event Dashboard is a beautiful screen that instantly tells you everything you need to know about how your event is tracking.

  56. Event Management

    Call up a list of all registrations that have been processed and use the filters to limit the view to just those you want to see. Note also the 4 export options to CSV format for the club official who loves a bit of spreadsheet action.

  57. Event Management

    Inspect an individual registration so you can see the details they entered. At the bottom of each registration is a 'mini' financial statement that shows just the financial activity on the registration.

  58. Event Management

    In the real world, registrations financials need to be adjusted after the fact due to mistakes or changes in circumstances. Our three types of adjustments cater for absolutely any situation you can imagine.

  59. Event Management

    Our Players screen lets you use filters from the registration form to create views from all registered players in your stable.

  60. Team Management

    Once the players start rolling in through the gates, you can start creating your teams in the system.

  61. Team Management

    Each team automatically has their very own Team Dugout, a place that shows all players on the team as well as their contact information.

  62. Team Management

    To save the committee even more time, you can install coaches and managers, instantly giving them the tools to manage the week-to-week operations of their team.

  63. Team Management

    Building teams is easier when you can use the filters from the registration form to limit the player set to match the age group of the team you're building.

  64. Team Management

    Coaches and managers can send an email to the team via the system's email interface.

  65. Online Shop Orders

    Easily see a list of all orders that have been processed in the system. The filters on the right allow you to limit your search and the CSV exports can even be used as an order form with some suppliers.

  66. Online Shop Orders

    Drill into an individual order and make any product or financial changes if needed.

  67. Financials

    The Financials tab is the core of the system and a place of great happiness for club treasurers.

  68. Outstanding Debts

    Instantly see all members who owe money to the club that Majestri knows about. This includes money owed from all events and shop orders.

  69. Outstanding Debts

    Majestri dissects all invoices into their individual components (ie. registration vs. order) which allows for the ability to accurately show specifically where a member is in arrears.

  70. Manual Receipting

    Money that is not handled by Majestri's powerful payment processing solutions can be receipted manually into the system by club personnel. Note the support for vouchers.

  71. Manual Receipting

    A payment that is less than the total amount of money owed can be dissected across the components that make up an invoice.

  72. Manual Receipting

    Chasing money from members is much less awkward when you let the system dehumanise it. You can specify an email to go out to members who owe the club money.

  73. Payment Plans

    If a member encounters unexpected financial problems, a treasurer has the option of creating a Payment Plan on their behalf.

  74. Payment Plans

    A central Payment Plan screen shows all the details and terms of somebody's direct debit plan with Majestri.

  75. Payment Plans

    A request can be sent directly to the member to review the Plan and authorise it's commencement.

  76. Financial Revenue

    The Revenue screen shows all money that has come into the club for a given date range, showing a breakdown by Payment method. Take note of the export options to drop the data into CSV for the Excel boffins.

  77. Payments

    Drill into a payment method to see all of the individual payments that made up the aggregate number.

  78. Xero Integration

    Majestri is proud to be a Xero partner and this launch screen shows all revenue that hasn't yet been posted to Xero accounts by the system.

  79. Xero Integration

    Each transfer by Majestri is broken down into a transactional report for each of our payment processing methods that was used. Additionally, if Xero is your accounting system of choice, you can post these amounts directly as revenue into Xero.

  80. Xero Integration

    The posting process is as simple as nominating the destination Xero accounts that match the type of money that was collected.

  81. Majestri Bank Transfers

    See a list of all deposits made by Majestri into your bank account. Each deposit will represent the money we handled on your behalf minus payment processing charges.

  82. Thanks for watching

    Hopefully, you were able to see first-hand some of the tools you could use at your club to make life much easier for volunteers.

    If you're interested in taking some of these features for a test-drive in a session with one of the engineers who built the system, then don't hesitate to book an online demo.